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Creatine: A Supplement worth Considering By: Diane Mack

This last year, having been Crossfitting since 2013, I set a goal of getting stronger with my weightlifting. I did not have a clear picture of how I wanted [...]

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Occlusion Training: What, Why, and How? by: Todd Tolosa

Occlusion Training It’s really a thing, like, for real. You may have seen a few people around the gym inflating things that look like small blood pressure [...]

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Service Member Exercise

New Exercises Every Service Member Should be Doing Background Information: President Carter, in 1980, moved to require the formation of a physical fitness [...]

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Five Hotel Body Weight Workouts

Summer time! For many of us that means that we are going to pack up and head out on a well deserved vacation. This also means that we will be away from our [...]

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