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For the Love of CrossFit, Keep Your Back Flat

  Hey all you crazy CrossFitters. About a year ago I wrote a blog about spinal mechanics and bracing your core. More specifically, the “two hand rule” [...]

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Drop Everything and Train

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of the popular fitness podcast Barbell Shrugged. In the spring of my senior year of college I discovered CrossFit in [...]

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Prioritizing Proper Spinal Mechanics: Advice for Low Back Pain

Remember growing up, when your Mom would yell at you for having crappy posture? Well, she had a point. There are two goals of this post. First, to teach [...]

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Attention Parents: Exercise Grows Brain Cells (literally)

Every Saturday morning at 9am coaches Stephanie Young and Renae Andrews lead 3 CrossFit Kids classes. First the 3-5 years olds, followed by 6-8s, and [...]

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