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How Do We Know That Our Way Is the Right Way

  I know, I know, this is one of many posts on programming, BUT. It’s a different post about programming. I think we’ve done an awesome job of [...]

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Adding more to your program

Adding more to your program is like adding more gravy to your mashed potatoes. Too little – you’ve wasted the gravy. Too much – you’ve wasted the potatoes. [...]

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Building an Aerobic Engine for CrossFit

Three years ago I did Fran for the first time as prescribed. What misery. I broke up the reps and finished just under 6 minutes at time of 5:40. At the [...]

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Why we tell you to track everything

Let’s think about a very popular social media site: Facebook. Pretty cool site, right? It tracks your friends, your posts, has sweet algorithms that [...]

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