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Bands and Chains Part 2: Band Setup

In part 1 of this series I touched on the main differences between bands and chains for barbell training. In part 2, I go over more specifics of band [...]

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Bands and Chains Part 1: What’s the difference?

You may have seen people performing various barbell lifts with chains hanging from the ends of the bar, or with bands anchoring the bar to the ground (if [...]

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Dark Souls

Not for the Faint of Heart Dark Souls is a video game (now an entire franchise) that I am a huge fan of.  I play it just about any time I have any free [...]

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Mobility: More Important Than the Weight You Put On the Bar

How often do we see it? Squatting 250 is the easy part. Bending over to touch our toes, not so much. I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to work with a [...]

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