Matthew Niles

Head Coach

I’ve been doing CrossFit since I was 13 years old. I started out of my garage because at the time we didn't have a CrossFit gym in Bay City, Texas, where I grew up. Very quickly my mom realized I had zero clue as to what I was doing and I had no idea how to move safely and efficiently. So she made me drive with her 45 minutes to the nearest Crossfit gym and learn how to move correctly, and that's where it all started at Crossfit WMD with their amazing head coach. The head coach ingrained in me the characteristics of a hard working human something that still comes out today in me. It wasn't long after working out at the gym that I took interest in coaching. My head coach, recognized this. He mentored me to become the coach I wanted to be. With his help, I successfully passed my CrossFit Level One Certification and started training and helping people. I am so grateful for that opportunity to be around someone who believed in me so much. I love coaching and competing very much but they do not identify me, as a person. The only thing or person that defines my purpose and worth is the one true God. I don't include this to offend anyone but seeing as he is my life not just a part of it I believe it's important to put this in my bio. He gave me a deep love and passion to coach people to be the best version of themselves! It's something that drives me everyday to become a better coach and person. My goal is to serve all the athletes at Origin Fitness and really anyone who would allow me to help them in any facet of their lives.


  • CF-L1
  • CF-L2
  • CF Kids
  • CPR and AED Certified
  • What’s your biggest contribution as a Coach?

    I believe my biggest contribution as a coach is bringing a fun and exciting attitude to the classes I coach!

  • What brought you to coaching?

    When I was still a young whippersnapper the coach at my first box mentored me over several years, creating character traits necessary for coaching. After a few years and helping him out as an “intern” I found a deep passion for helping others along in their fitness journey and have never looked back sense.

  • Favorite movement or workout?

    My favorite movement hands down has to be the Snatch, and I mean the squat snatch. Although you probably will never be put in a situation where you have to do a squat snatch in your daily lives but the physical and mental skills required to perform a beautiful/heavy snatch (relative to the person) transfer over into all of the other daily functional movements you go through everyday.

  • Least favorite movement or workout?

    Thrusters. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • What do you like to do outside of Origin Fitness?

    I love getting out in nature, my favorite thing to do when i'm out in a forest or on top of the mountain is to take a second and spend some time with the Lord! Getting to spend some time with my lovely Girlfriend is something a cherish very much as well, she's amazing!

  • Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit.

    Just go for it, don't wait till tomorrow or next week just go, send it!

  • Finish with a joke.

    This Question.

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