Todd Tolosa

Origin Fitness and Strongman Head Coach

I've had an interest in physical fitness and competitive psychology since I was 14 years old, and have experience as a competitive football player, boxer, powerlifter, wrestler, olympic weightlifter and traceur. I've been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, and have experience working with many different populations. I also have experience working in various service industries, and recognize that each of my athletes expect different things out of their training experience. I've worked as a trainer for Fairfax County Park Authority, in various corporate wellness settings, and I've also worked with high level athletes and stunt men. I started college as a chemistry/physics double major, but enjoyed working in the fitness industry so much that I ended up graduating with an Exercise Science degree from George Mason University. After graduating I spent a year honing my eye for detail while working in an injury prevention lab as a contractor for the Department of Defense. I was able to screen and work with over one thousand active military service members during my time at the lab. With all of that said, I look forward to helping as many people as I can at Origin Fitness!


  • CF-L2
  • FMS Level 2
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2012
  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • What’s your biggest contribution as a Coach?

    As someone who had to begin working out for early health reasons, I have a very good understanding of where most people are mentally when they're starting a fitness program for the first time. I've been able to harness that understanding and use it to make people appreciate exercise on an entirely new level, in a way where it is genuinely enjoyable and infatuating (I actually have a few clients who ended up becoming trainers themselves). I also have a ligament condition that makes me particularly susceptible to joint injuries, so I tend to superimpose my own caution and knowledge of injury prevention and treatment onto the people I work with, without sacrificing performance gains or program efficiency. I'll never have anyone try anything that I haven't personally tried and learned from myself.

  • What brought you to Coaching?

    When I was younger I was really into comic books, then I started learning that many of the qualities displayed as "super powers" and super human abilities were actually attainable through discipline and proper training. I derive great joy from spreading my knowledge and helping others become just that much more super human.

  • Favorite movement or Workout?

    The dead start zercher squat. I see this as the most functional and directly applicable movement there is, and training it builds a sort of strength and resilience that you just can't get from anything else.

  • Least favorite movement or Workout?

    Anything utilizing a front rack or extreme wrist extension, I've got some metal in my right hand that doesn't really agree with it. I'll usually grit my teeth to get through it but my hands always get pretty beat up by this kind of stuff.

  • What do you like to do outside of Origin Fitness?

    I'm a total homebody. I work out, eat, and grow. Often while watching movies or enjoying the latest high-tech entertainment.

  • Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit or exercise?

    Just come in, and keep coming in. That's all there is to it.

  • Finish with a joke.

    How about a few one-liners? (all said while flexing) “I need a vet ASAP because these pythons are SICK!” “Better call a plumber because these pipes are about to burst!”

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