Inspire Change In Your Loved Ones…and gift YOURSELF at the same time!!

When it comes to the fitness industry, I always cringe this time of year as “sales specials” and “discounts” run rampant for the New Years fitness push. Yes, the beginning of the year is a natural time to focus on making real change to your lifestyle and trying to adopt new habits, but 90% off  a BowFlex or treadmill, or even a gym membership does nothing but provide a senseless external “motivator” for people to take real action. At the end of the day, if people are not internally motivated about real life change, then financial incentive is NOT going to be the magic cure!  INTERNAL motivation is what has a lasting effect in creating positive change, and that’s what Origin Fitness, Home of Crossfit Burke wants to be a part of (more on that in a minute)!


Have you ever given (or received) a gift that looks like this??

We all know someone who’s been part of this dynamic at one time or another! We buy another “life-changing” piece of equipment because it’s dirt cheap, but then we don’t respect it because, well, it’s dirt cheap, and it ends up collecting dust and serving another purpose.

The point is this. Offering “cheap” or “discounted” services simply because it’s the new year does not yield results for anyone, and in fact can become a source of complacency for most individuals. Furthermore, when it comes to premium-level services like Crossfit coaching or personal training, heavy discounts simply de-value the knowledge, expertise and level of service that well-trained coaches and trainers provide. Guided personal training, by its definition and nature, is a premium level of service, and it should not be treated like a commodity. I digress.

All that said, Origin Fitness would still like to give you an incentive to INSPIRE positive change in others around you (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) AND still get something out of it for yourself…beyond just being the person who influences and creates that change in a loved one.

So here are a few opportunities to change someone’s life and get something positive for yourself as well. If you currently train at Origin Fitness in any capacity, we are offering a few ways for you to earn some extra training for yourself.

1.) When you purchase 5 Personal Training Sessions (30 or 60 min) as a gift for a friend or family member, you will get 2 Free 30 minute Personal Training sessions for yourself with an Origin coach of your choice! These sessions can add tremendous value to helping you develop your own Crossfit game, and will be focused on improving your weaknesses in skills, strength, or conditioning, depending on where you need the most improvement. After all, if you’re already training consistently, you don’t need 2 more random workouts to help you. You need a better gameplan and individualized programming…and the 2 sessions will be geared toward that specific development. And yes, you can purchase the 5 sessions for yourself and still get the 2 freebies!


2.) Origin Fitness will be offering 2 FREE seminars (introduction to Crossfit and healthy nutrition planning) on Saturday January 5th and Saturday January 12th at 11:30 to anyone who is interested in learning more about high intensity training and how it can help them. For each person you refer to the free seminar who ends up joining the Origin community, you can earn 33% off your next month’s membership. There’s no limit to the discount, so if you inspire 3 people to change their lives, you will get your next month’s membership at no charge!

Chances are, you were inspired by someone else in the past to get your own Crossfit journey started and you undoubtedly have been thanking that person ever since. Here’s your chance to pass that on. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone else change their life, and now you can do that and earn yourself some benefits as well.

Contact me directly to take advantage of gifting an opportunity at a life-changing form of fitness…one that you and the recipient will never regret!

In Strength and health,


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