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I know you all have seen that huge chart we put up a couple of weeks ago and have asked what it is and when we will start using it!  Well, we are really excited to share and roll out the Level Method to the Origin Fitness community! In a nutshell, it is a testing system that allows for you and for your coaches to accurately know where you are on the fitness spectrum.  It will help us help you level up through the system and offer programs and training that support that. From a conceptual perspective, it is based off the belt system in martial arts. However, it has a fitness spin on it.


In April, we had a two day workshop wondering if this Level Method was right for our gym.  We wanted to know if it would support the culture of “Move Well” and our already existing Level System(Level M, 1, 2, 3).  Over the course of those two days we found that, yes, it meets those cultural values we have and more objectively shows where each person is on the fitness spectrum.  Instead of wondering where we are, we now know where we are what we need to focus on as a gym and more importantly, individually, to reach our goals and level up through the system.


The Level Method will not replace our programming or our Level System. It will support it with the testing piece.  As we evolve as a gym, we may change our Level System structure because of new data collected during the Level Method testing. This will only enhance our ability to help you reach your goals.  


Starting the week of June 11th, we will begin testing for the Level Method.  Per normal, it will be incorporated into your workout. The testing will be twice a week and go for three weeks.  If you miss a test, you can make it up during any class or Open Gym. If you are doing it during Open Gym, we just need to know. You can email us at or make arrangements with a coach.


Every quarter we will be testing.  This way we can stay on top of all your progress and continually develop plans to help you level up.


You may think, this sounds great, but how are we going to verify or log our results?  Great question! The good news is: There is an app! The bad news is: There is an app!  I may be like some of you and really don’t like using a bunch of different apps for things. The only times you need to worry about the Level Method app is during testing or when you are looking to see where you are on the Level Method belt system.


Speaking of belts!  We will be handing out verified certificates for every Level you achieve!  We want to spotlight your accomplishments and hard work. Over time, I’m thinking of having different headbands for different belts!  I’m open to other ideas, too!


Here is the link to our Level Method App platform:


The app is web based and you will need to save it or know how to access it from your phone or laptop.  The gym code is: origin


After you login, we will get a notification that you are requesting access. As we grant access, you will be able to check out the app, it’s resources and where to input your Levels.  Please poke around the app and become familiar with it.


Once we start testing, we will verify all pending Levels in the system.  After we do this, we’ll print out your certificate and present it during the next class you attend!


We know that introducing anything new will have its challenges up front, but as we get used to it, it becomes part of the fabric of the gym.  Please ask lots of questions and have a little patience as we roll this out!


We look forward to starting this new journey with all of you!


Leveling Up,


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