New Year, New You? by: Matt Niles

The New year is here and if your like me you didn’t exactly eat very clean over the holidays and want to shed a little of that fluff you put on. Or maybe you have some other completely different New Years resolution entirely, either way this blog post is to help you guys access your resolutions and talk about how you can reach them!


There’s all sorts of New Year resolutions out there, the team here at Origin Fitness wants to help you guys make realistic goals but more than that make habits that create a better lifestyle! So starting with Goal setting there’s a few things to think about when you are thinking about while looking or creating your resolutions. The first thing is being realistic with them, for a lot of the goals you guys have they are going to require sacrifice, you’ll have to put down your cheese puffs for something healthier. I don’t think any goal is too big but if you aren’t willing to put your foot down then you need to downsize your goal. The Next thing is we don’t want to set an overwhelming amount of goals, pick 3-5 or even just 1 and stick to them 150%! You have to be able to fully commit to your goal(s).


So now we have our goals, anyone can set a goal of where they want to be but few act on the goals. So how are we going to go from where we are now to where we want to be? There’s a few points that y’all can follow to help get you there.


  • Make a plan

Have a plan of attack, set out some smaller goals along the way as checkpoints to help the time go by. Research your goal, find someone that’s where you want to be and see what they do. If your goal is to get in shape, see how often they workout, what kind of workout are they doing, what are they eating? Once you do that with a few people and see what they are doing differently from you and start putting in place some of the things they are doing in your life. Another thing that might help is if you have a big goal and there seems to be an overwhelming amount of things to start (or even if your goal is small but still feels overwhelming the amount of things to start) then build your way up. You don’t have to do a full 180, if your goal is to be in better shape and you need to workout more you don’t have to go from not working out at all to 7 times a week. Start with 1 or 2 times and build your way up. The same rule applies with all goals, building up slowly can boost your confidence and make it more realistic to follow your plan.

  • Accountability

Accountability is a powerful tool you can use to help you reach your goal. Tell your friends and family about your goals, people you interact everyday so they know. You might even ask them to keep you accountable if they see you not following the plan you have to reach your goal. Maybe even rope them into chasing the same goal so you guys have someone to learn on throughout the journey.

  • Consistency

Staying consistent is SO important for a few reasons. Being consistent rewires your brain and either reinforces old habits or begins to create new ones. So if you keep going back to old habits then you will only give them more influence but if you oppose them and force yourself to go against the habit you will create a new way of thinking and thus a new habit. It’s also paramount that you are constantly moving towards your goal either in a big way or a small way if you are off and on then it will take so much longer to reach your goal. Consistency goes back to the first point, Making a plan, in that you need to have a plan that you can do consistently, so you might need to build up slowly if that means being more consistent verses trying to make a full 180 and not being able to steward your plan and be consistent with it.

  • Patience 

You need to be in this for the long run, result most likely won’t show fast, depending on your goals. Be patient and dig deep to chase your goals fall in love with the process, involve loved ones so you don’t have to go on this journey alone (helps with accountability). Having small little goals along the way helps so much, like checkpoints and I would highly recommend them.


If you haven’t already, stop on by and us here at Origin Fitness, we would love to help you accomplish any and all of your goals, so come by and see us! From our family here at Origin to yours, Happy New Year!

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