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Will CrossFit or Weight Training make Me Bulky?

Let’s Get Objective “Bulky” is defined as “taking up much space,” “large and unwieldy,” or, when speaking of a person, implies that person is “heavily [...]

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Becoming Origin Fitness: Home of CrossFit Burke

When we decided to start a fitness business, Erin and I needed help coming up with a great name and slogan.  So, in the summer of 2011, with Erin’s lawyer [...]

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Mastering the muscles: A basic guide to muscle anatomy

Whether you are an athlete training for your next meet, a weekend warrior trying to stay in shape, or a greenhorn just getting into the field of exercise, [...]

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Utilizing Fitness to Develop Immunity to Stress

One of the key factors in practicing yoga is stress reduction. Due to the shift in hormones and brain chemicals that are emitted in your body during a yoga [...]

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