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Raising the Bar

I’ve been doing yoga since I was eighteen years old. I’ve been teaching yoga since I was twenty-eight years old. Needless to say, my yoga practice is quite [...]

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Mobility: More Important Than the Weight You Put On the Bar

How often do we see it? Squatting 250 is the easy part. Bending over to touch our toes, not so much. I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to work with a [...]

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Do a stretch. Make a friend: Two birds, one stone

We have heard it before; CrossFit is about community. So for today’s post I encourage you to make use of your fit friends (or make a new one) and do the [...]

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Hip Mobility/Exercises

If you’re like me and struggle on a daily basis with your hip mobility try some of these! I do them before my workouts to help keep my hips healthy and [...]

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