The Dangers of “Waiting For The New Year” to get serious about exercise and nutrition

Up Your Mental Game For The Holidays!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when fitness professionals like myself absolutely cringe with what we will inevitably hear from our athletes and prospective athletes out in the community. What I’m referring to is the seeming commitment to debauchery for the holidays…before the magical internal changes occur on January 1st! SMH

For some reason, the holidays being in clear sight seems to create that “I’m going to take it easy on myself” mindset in a lot of people, which is a nice way of saying “I’m going to make horrible decisions regarding my health, nutrition and exercise habits for the holidays and worry about it after the new year.” While I certainly understand that mentality (and have been there myself), it really and truly sets you up for failure in the new year, both psychologically and physiologically.

We know the physiological implications of binge eating and making unhealthy eating decisions for longer periods of time, but it’s worth a quick review of the physical havoc you can wreak on your metabolism…

Overeating, especially sugar intake, causes a spike in glucose levels, and thus a spike in your insulin levels to try to break down the increased blood glucose. Insulin is our friend, but like any other hormone, if we ask it to overwork, it loses its effectiveness in the body. If you’re constantly asking insulin to respond to breaking down high quantities of sugar, and not consistently expending it with physical activity, it will become less and less able to deal with the excess quantities of sugar in the blood stream. The human body is amazingly efficient at dealing with toxicity, so it moves the excess sugar into storage. Unfortunately for us, this storage is almost without exception in the form of adipose tissue aka fat.

We know this, and creating this process once or twice during the holidays…probably not a formula for disaster. That said, what do most of us do for the holidays? We repeat this process, either several times a week (or several times a day), we restrict our physical activity (or never get started at all), and we tell ourselves that somehow with the calendar shifting to January 1st of the next year, it will be easy to pull ourselves out of the habits we created for the 6 weeks leading up to the new year.

We know logically how faulty this mindset is and how it can effect us physically…but what’s really important is how it effects us psychologically and emotionally.

I’m here to tell you that without fail, NOTHING will change when the calendar changes unless you change your paradigm NOW! There’s nothing wrong with a small dose of “cheating” during the holidays, as long as you plan your attack around those small doses.

But let me give you some tough love…


Saying that you’re going to wait until things calm down after the holidays before you start making healthy decisions is the equivalent of saying you’ll only call your doctor once you get healthy. It doesn’t make sense, and if you let this 6 weeks go, not only will it not get easier on January 1st…it will be way harder to even take that first step.

The times where it feels easiest to relax are the times when it’s most critical to take ACTION! If you’re already training 2 or 3 times a week, NOW is the time to get into the box 4 or 5 times a week. Your goals are just as important as they were last month, so our actions should reflect that!

If you’re of the mindset that your goals “will become” important in 2019, we want to see you NOW so we can help you build a clearer vision of what you want and what you deserve for YOURSELF! Revisit your vision, revisit your vision, revisit your vision! If you don’t have a clear vision, come see me personally so we can build it together.

Over the last couple of months, Origin Fitness has committed to creating more and more resources for our athletes and for the prospective athletes in our community who may have not taken  that first step yet to help you on your fitness journey, and more importantly, your LIFE’s journey! Additional conditioning classes, barbell club, nutrition resources and expanded open gym time are just a few. We are here to help you create positive change in your life, and that all starts with TODAY’s decisions…let’s do this!!





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